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Italy 1 is a television channel private Italian published by Mediaset, the main Italian private television operator, and to listen is the second of the Mediaset Group. It is found in Italy at national level and offers a generalist channel to target young people.


The birth and Edilio Rusconi management (1982-1983)[Edit]

Was born on 3 January 1982 from an idea of the Publisher to print Edilio Rusconi like network that relies on twenty regional broadcasters, some owned by Rusconi, others simply affiliates to broadcast on Italian territory through theploy ofinterconnection. The frontrunner is the milanese station North Antenna, but also is of great importance the capitolina Fifth Network. The direction is entrusted to Lillo Tombolini. Announcer of the channel is a very young Gabriella Golia, already face North Antenna.

The nascent national rusconiano channel starts its programming at noon with a space dedicated to children which are broadcast some anime series as Lady Oscar and Lalabel and some show of success as the original series of Star Trek, in the early afternoon the line was sold to regional broadcasters to share nationwide with television andin the afternoon, with the container of cartoons Bim Bum Bam (within which are offered numerous cartoon series mainly Japanese as Chobin, stellar Prince, Sport Billy, Hello Spank, the squirrel Banner, demetan croaker, the boy frog, here come the Superboys). In late afternoon the line back to local stations and after an hour is offered a show (as the Paper Moon). In prime time are generally transmitted two films and a TV series. The network also offers plenty of space for sport with programs focused on soccer, box, basketball and auto racing, including Grand Prix by Andrea De Adamich.

Among the series broadcasted in primetime are Falcon Crest, Kojak, The big Valley, Project UFO, Mork & Mindy. The April 23, 1982 is made official the agreement between Rusconi Group and the American CBS network for technical assistance and the exchange of programs.

But a few months since its power on a national scale, the accounts of the channel began to trudge mainly because of costs of expensive transmitters to which a publisher of printed paper as Rusconi probably wasn't used to it, but also because of aggressive advertising policy implemented by the network's main competitor, Channel 5.

In fact, the network of Rusconi rested at a dealership for the management of advertising spaces, Publikompass, while the Berlusconi channel could count on a dealership, Publitalia, which personalizzava more flexible advertising packages based on customers to the extent of dumping .

The 6 September 1982 Rusconi signs a collaboration agreement with Silvio Berlusconi, owner of Channel 5 concetrated on a common policy on the management of commercial roofs but also on the common usage of high frequency network and exchange of some programs.

However on November 30 of the same year the Group Rusconi is forced to cede to about 29 billion dollars the network, which will then be merged with Channel 10, which is owned by Silvio Berlusconi, to found the new Italy 1, second Fininvest network aimed at a young target.

Fininvest-Mediaset management (from 1983 onward)[Edit]

In the early years of the channel transmission offers a mixture of light entertainment, films, television and sports. Among the first major broadcast primetime show Beauty Center Show, aired on Sunday with the couple Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, assisted by Barbara Bouchet and Ric e Gian Folies, aired on Monday, with the comedians Ric e Gian, assisted by Edwige Fenech.

In 1983 the network acquired great fame thanks to the innovative Drive, transmission cult of the 1980s led by Gianfranco D'angelo and Ezio Greggio, along with many comedians like Enrico Beruschi, including soubrette and Carmen Russo. The show, curated by Antonio Ricci has undergone a boom of plays with peaks of over eight million viewers and launches a new television and modern language that still identifies the stylistic commercial television.

That same year, the Wednesday night comes the format of a new quiz titled Ok the price is right , hosted by Gigi Sabani. The channel's audience consists of a hard core of children and young people, which the network devotes afternoons with container historian Gazala with Paolo Bonolis and Licia Colň (already aired since North Antenna) and cartoons (including the Smurfs, and among the titles broadcast, Mimi and the national volleyball team and Carletto il principe dei mostri in 1984, The black Tulip, Georgie, Lŕ sui monti con Annette and once upon a time ... Pascual in 1985 the enchanting Creamy and Johan and peewit, a spin-off of the Smurfs, in 1986 Snorky, Holly & Benji two star players and Mila & Shiro, two hearts in volleyball ).

Meanwhile, the October 16, 1984 in three Italian regions, the praetors in Rome, Turin and Pescara obscure network frequencies (along with those of sisters Fininvest, Channel 5 and Retequattro), measure later canceled by a decree-law wanted by Bettino Craxi and called Berlusconi's Decree allowing the transmission of commercial tv programs.

The youngest is also the band dedicatedaccess prime time with so many cartoon series predominantly Japanese, like the highly successful Kiss me Licia. Even the fiction self-produced peeping on young Fininvestgroup, in 1986 in the wake of the success of theanime, broadcast television series Love me Licia, played by Christine of Oats, also in primetime season comes the guys of the 3rd C. Among the fiction also broadcast College (inspired by the homonymous film by Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia) with Federica Moro and Don Tonino with Andrea Roncato and Gigi Sammarco.

The network devotes too much space to music in 1984 is proposed Deejay Television by Claudio Cecchetto, initially at Saturday evening and subsequently every afternoon. The program grew out of a rib of the radio station and over the six years of life hosts popular faces like those of Linus, Fiorello , Jovanotti. The channel's schedule is packed with drama as the six million dollar man, Kung Fu, Cannon, Rockford Agency, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon, the man from Atlantis, Happy Days, parents in blue jeans .

The channel's programming follows a transgressive trend and not without controversy, in addition to telefilm Valentina, eponymous heroine-centric designed by Guido Crepax, does not leave indifferent criticism and censure the experiment of Matryoshka by Antonio Ricci (which includes among its protagonists the Pornstar Moana Pozzi), sweetened and race dubbed The Phoenix. The show's success a comedian Lupo solitario .

In this hothouse of television experiments, makes his debut on the frequencies of a channel program designed to a long career--the satirical news program Striscia la notizia, aired since 1988 with the couple Ezio Greggio and Gianfranco D'angelo. The humour is a highly wrought by strand network, from short films of comedy of Benny Hill and Smile with Gerry Scotti, programs of Antonio Ricci, Emilio, airs Sunday evenings from 1989 and led by Gaspar & Zuzzurro and Athina Cenci, ending the first success of Gialappa's band: Mai dire Banzai. At this stage, Italy 1 stands out as the young network par excellence, with bands of programming dedicated to children and teens, not without bits of irony and transgression.

In stage (90 years) the network continues to maintain a strong experimental vein, Paperissima (after the same fate was touched in Striscia la notizia), given the exorbitant pilot's plays broadcast in 1990, moves on the flagship Channel 5. In fact the channel has often had the function of test format and broadcasts that, depending on the success, were relocated on the network of pubblicitariamente more profitable group.

The January 16, 1991 Emilio Fede promptly announced the outbreak of the first Gulf war, giving visibility and credibility to the first real newscast Fininvestnetworks, Open Studio, outfitted in muted despite a few weeks before the network had still live. Shortly after the founding Director is entrusted the TG4, while the direction of the channel's newscast switched to Vittorio Corona and Paolo Liguori.

Thanks to the intuition network Director, Carlo Freccero, arrive for the first time on channel some information programmes, infotainment, as the investigation of Giuliano Ferrara (famous historic episode of quarrel between Vittorio Sgarbi and Roberto D'agostino which earned him the nickname of the Trash tv) and the daily Noon Italian by Gianfranco Funari, trasfugo RAI in 1991-92 season. Some of these were not really successful, but helped to give greater credibility to the network journalism front. Meanwhile, some experiments are real failures, among them the show holiday Primadonna of 1991, led by hermaphrodite Eva Robin's and closed after about two months of its first episode.

At this stage it is consolidating the success of Mai dire Goal of Gialappa's band, conducted by Teo Teocoli (replaced later and not without controversy from a Langleyredidivo) and Simona Ventura, but mostly gets huge popularity the Karaoke led by a newcomer Fiorello, aired from 1992 at the evening winds. Among the programs become cult, now the controversial variety is not Rai, transferred in January of the following year by Channel 5 due to the change of the target program itself and sees the young- Ambra Angiolini. These programs strengthen the network's target, increasingly oriented towards young people despite the promotion of Gazala on Canale 5.

Always in the early 1990s have a great success the children's television series Beverly Hills 90210 and the spin-off of Melrose Place, with peaks of over five million viewers. In fact the network always reserve plenty of room to the American series, and not only those of action. In 1993 made his Italy debut in Baywatch with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, first aired in late evening and then, given that the contents were not as driven, in the afternoon. In the 1993-94 season, in the daytime here come some sitcom of great hold on young audiences, like the fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith and Bayside School. Even science fiction fiction peeks over the network, the show X-Files takes office in its historic early evening of Sunday, after the first season aired on Fininvest's flagship network.

The second half of the decade sees the return of the container's afternoon cartoons Bim Bum Bam (later with many predominantly American cartoons), and in 1996 the unexpected arrival of Michele Santoro channel frequencies of the Fininvestgroup, meanwhile renamed Mediaset. The journalist takes three Campanian editions of Moby Dick, only information programme prime time. The channel still points to the music (with Super and the Festivalbar, musical summer event consolidation for many years placed in the care of Fiorello and Alessia Marcuzzi) and sport (sports news is enriched Studio Sport, also continues to be proposed Pressing by Raimondo Vianello and the League Guide ).

In 1997 Giorgio Gori, returning from the direction of the flagship network, takes over the reins of the channel with the mission to redesign and strengthen the identity and enrich with new programming. The new Director with a respectable budget, reports on the network the show seriously and launched a plethora of new productions intended to make a fortune.

Among these, in prime time, Freshmen, Meteors, the ugly duckling, show that they see the faces at the helm of Amadeus, Giorgio Mastrota, Marco Balestri, Gene Gnocchi, Amanda Lear, Alessia Merz. In 1997 Lance Le Iene with Simona Ventura, increasingly primadonna of the channel, and brings in the holiday music quiz Sarabande with Enrico Papi. Among the most loved faces Alessia Marcuzzi that caved in at first sight the couple Michelle Hunziker e Walter Nudo, leads the magazine to inform Fuego .

Even the humour gets its space with the comedian's laboratory Zelig, in late evening titled Zelig-Do cabaret and Ciro, Target's son, Gregory Paolini. Among the most transgressive, productions are broadcast the talk shows Barracuda with Daniele Luttazzi and tell Wally to Gene Gnocchi, confirming the great attention that the network dedicated to intelligent irony and sarcastic at times.


At the beginning of this stage, the proposals are series of the anime Dragon Ball (whose reruns lasted until 28 August 2009, when the cartoon is put to rest, then return in 2011) and Lupin III. In the early afternoon, starting in 1997, is placed the great success of the Simpsons by Matt Groening (already after the first seven series was first transmitted on Channel 5).

These last three animated series, together with the resounding success of the debut of another Japanese anime — Pokemon (who later also of the first evenings will), it stay fixed in the afternoon, also presidiandola in the next decade. We also launched the project 6 as 6, i.e. bumper network advertising are chosen among those sent by viewers who cleans the Smash in a variety of situations.

In addition, each of the old cartoons Americans, Europeans and Japanese (the Smurfs, Doraemon, Pascual, Police Academy, Georgie, Mila e Shiro, cat eyes, Kiss Me Licia, l'isola della piccola Flo, Heidi, Lady Oscar, the enchanting Creamy, Beethoven, David Gnome, Charlotte, Belle & Sebastien, Memole dolce Memole, it's almost magic Johnny, we are made so, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Inspector Gadget, Anne of Green Gables, Ape Maia, Tazmania, who does things, Tom & Jerry, Tex Avery Show, Futurama, Woody Woodpecker, those of Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, the Pink Panther, Dexter's laboratory, Spank, goofy and Menelaus, Batman and other superheroes, Casper, Spongebob, Cursed cockroaches, Saint Seiya , Holly e Benji, Sailor Moon, Il mistero della pietra azzurra and Magica Magica Emi), those of Gazala, is always replicated.

In the wake of the success of big brother (whom the channel devotes a satirical retelling curated by Gialappa's Band titled never say big brother), are launched, with mixed results, some reality shows, usually much later though criticized.

Among the less successful reality series, Survivor, aired in 2001 with conducting Benedetta Corbi (penalized by the lack of direct) and operation triumph, Spanish format aired in 2002 with the conduction of Miguel Bosé. In fact the latter plays reality were good for the network but, because of the overlap with Friends, was considered, rightly, a clone of the talent show of Canale 5. Next autumn the channel also broadcasts WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Saturday.

In this same period is the talent show Popstars, led by Daniele Bossari, from which it is formed as a low table the girl band the Lollipop. In 2004 it is proposed with great pomp the reality show Campioni, il sogno with Ilaria D'amico with the bet to broadcast the exploits of a small sports team of Cerviaand the farm led by Daria Bignardi and then promoted on Channel 5 because of the excellent results of listening.

Even the mole di Paola Perego in 2005 peeps on the frequencies of the channel, after having been proposed by Rai 2, getting good feedback (and listens for network records in 2008), as well as the beauty and the geek, aired in 2006 with conducting Federica Panicucci, historic face of the network, and Enrico Papi and revived in 2010 again with Enrico Papithough this time with Paola Barale.

Continue the commitment of network sports, strength ever since, with the Motogp, transformed into a true media phenomenon at the audience and aired from 2002 until at least 2013, the matches of the Champions League in the clear until 2006 (then transmitted until at least 2014 on digital terrestrial Mediaset Premium) the historian sports news Studio Sport, and until 2015 the main matches of UEFA Europa League. Is consolidated the success de Le Iene, broadcast from 1997 and promoted in this period in the early evening, and Zelig, cabaret program then moved to Channel 5 after the unexpected success of the 2003 Edition that helps launch many comedians have become high-prestige.

Between the self-produced sitcom, gets a successful Coffee Room with Luke and Paul and Love Bugs with Fabio De Luigi. Even the Gialappa's band consecrates the success of the format never say ..., become a real show in prime time from year to year, bent to the needs of network programming. Giovalisitica vocation of the network performs well in television programming, the channel's strong point and become in many cases real cult phenomena.

In 2000 is proposed Dawson's Creek and later (since September 2004) The O.C., also some rather transgressive series as Six feet under , Nip/Tuck, also great ratings are achieved by the three series of CSI. Among the sitcoms get critical hits and wide public Dharma & Greg and Will & Grace. Among the television phenomena, and costume, most loved even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville and Ugly Betty .

The biggest hit is enjoyed however from the TV series Dr. House, relocated to the excellent data showing on Channel 5 in accordance with the usual logic of product repositioning more listening on the network more profitable from a commercial point of view. Since 2003 is placed in the channel's listings on Top of the Pops, historical music program formerly aired on Rai 2 and conducted by Daniele Bossari. Since 2002 the Directorate takes Office Luca Tiraboschi, current Director of the network from 2004 head several television quiz in access prime time band, among them the Merchant at the fair, the remake of the old Game of 9 and, since 2007, a rendition of the wheel of Fortune, quiz historian Mike Bongiorno placed in the care of Enrico Papi assisted by busty Victoria Silvstedt.

For a couple of seasons the second night of the network is the prerogative of the talk show the Martian Chronicles by Fabio Canino. Since 2009 is broadcast in late evening the programme Chiambretti Night hosted by Piero Chiambretti, snatched to LA7 because strongly desired by the Mediaset Vice President Piersilvio Berlusconi, after the great success is promoted on the flagship network, Channel 5. One of the biggest achievements is the comic program Colorado Cafč now simply named Colorado: born for the need to fill the void left by Zelig, after a muted start Gets the early evening with conducting Diego Abatantuono and then with that of Rossella Brescia assisted over the years by John Cacioppo, Carla Signoris, Beppe Braida and Nicola Savino to be entrusted into the hands of Paolo Ruffini and Belen Rodriguez from 2011.

In 2009 are new productions, including Mystery, that comes to be pseudoscientific topics, such as aliens and vampires led for the first two seasons by Enrico Ruggeri with Daniele Bossari, Mark Berry and other envoys that were added during the editions before being led by Raz Degan and then by Jane Alexander and Paola Barale. Another success of the network is Wild-Oltrenatura, led by Fiammetta Cicogna, showing the charm and the thrills offered by the savage power of nature.

Years 2010[Edit]

In the spring of 2010 returns a historical map, Freshmen and Meteors, conducted this time by Nicola Savino and Juliana Moreira featuring Cristina Oatmeal and A snowman (and is replicated then in 2012), and began a program of popular science entitled Fenomenal conducted by Teo Mammucari with Mago Forest, program that gets a big hit, which were revived the following season. While, fromJuly 8 to August 5 2010, Sabrina returns with the legendary ' 80, a reconnaissance on the fads and trends of the 1980s into a transgressive and sexy, with the participation of Raffaella Fico and Melita Toniolo, which gets a good success.

In the autumn of the same year, it definitely points to the historical productions, captures from Channel 5, Zelig Off: the laboratory of comedians from which emerge artists ranging in primetime on the flagship series and as FlashForward and The Vampire Diaries. In addition, sitcoms as All Stars and Ale and Franz Sketch Show and the return of the animated series Sailor Moon, but also The Call, he saw at its core telephone jokes, conducted by Teo Mammucari, program that will not have a good success. Instead, the band of access, fromNovember 8, is occupied by

Transformers led by Enrico Papi alongside Raffaella Fico and afterwards together with Francesca Cipriani. From spring onwards, the network will create new programs, including Plastik-Ultrabellezza, dedicated to the world of cosmetic surgery, conducted by Elena Santarelli, a new reality show, titled Uman-Take control, led by Rossella Brescia and Forest Mage, who is suspended for the second episode due to low ratings achieved. Then the 11 May is broadcast the film Twilight, the first film broadcast on a free television channel prima tv. Finally a docu-reality, focused on the journey of eight young, called "tamarri", on board a camper in various Italian cities, led by Fiammetta Cicogna, titled Tamarreide, program that has a poor feedback from the audience, to various criticism received.

In the fall of 2011 the network sees the arrival of Belen Rodriguez and Paolo Ruffini who lead the new edition of Colorado replacing Rossella Brescia and Nicola Savino; There is a changing of the guard at Le iene: Luca Argentero and Enrico Brignano are new teammates Ilary Blasi replacing Luke and Paul (promoted with a new program on Channel 5).

A new edition of Mystery when he joined the cast of presenters including Jane Alexander and a new game-show presented by Teo Mammucari primetime called The Cube. From autumn 2011 in second Sunday evening back to the sports talk shows reverse shot after two seasons on Rete 4 and the arrival of Tessa Gelisio to conduct cooked and eaten in place of Benedetta Parodi (passed to La7).

In November 2011 after a year spent on flagship network Mediaset Italy 1 back to Piero Chiambretti with a new variety of primetime titled Chiambretti Muzik Show in which host famous singers; the first episode sees the participation of Laura Pausini but the program doesn't get the success hoped in January 2012 and it has changed the formula and is retitled Chiambretti Show initially and eventually in Sunday Show Chiambretti-Muzika is changing. In December it also debuted at the afternoon Refrig Kids children's version of the quiz Refrig always led by Enrico Papi.

In 2012 Alessandro Gassman replaces Luke Argentero to conduct de Le Iene and begins a new season of Wild led by Fiammetta stork. Come back even the Simpsons to 19.50 with unreleased episodes of 22nd season.

In March, Alessandro Gassman leaves the hyenas to devote himself to his first movie as a Director, and was replaced by Claudio Amendola; due to some unexpected Amendola is replaced in the episode of March 8 by Pippo Baudo.

From 19 April to late evening arrive Magicland conducted by Antonio Casanova and the prickly India.

Starting from June, for the first time in history, the cartoons of Bim Bum Bam (the old cartoons Americans, Europeans and Japanese) are in the morning, because programming is erased to make room for sitcoms and TV series in the afternoon.

From 28 August 2012 Italy 1 is transmitted in HD format on mux Mediaset 2 toLCN 506 as Italy 1 HD[2], from 17 September to 20 September 2012 temporarily renamed HD Mediaset to allow also broadcast in high definition of the match by UEFA Champions League between Juventus and Chelsea aired on Channel 5[3] .

Italy 1 Directors[Edit]



Carlo Freccero

1991 - 1992

Carlo Van Dam

1992 - 1997

Giorgio Gori

1997 - 1999

Roberto Giovalli

1999 - 2000

Stefano Magnaghi

2000 - 2002

Luca Tiraboschi

Since 2002

Digital terrestrial television[Edit]

Since 2003 the channel can be seen free of charge on Freeview in areas covered by the mux Dfree[4], moving successively in 2 Mediaset multiplex (then called Mediaset B) and later also in Mediaset 4. From 26 November 2010 was also present in the areas covered by the mux Mediaset 6 through the delayed version of one hour 1 +1 Italy, transferred from11 July 2011 on mux Mediaset 5 and by 1 August 2011 visible only in Sardinia.

By the end of July 2011 HD channel was again activated on mux Mediaset 6 and was visible only in Sardinia, while from August 28, 2012 is visible on Mediaset 2 throughout Italy; the first native events were the UEFA Super Cup, a few films including Batman Begins, a song for you, the Dark Knight and Ferris Bueller in New York and the tv series Glee and Young Champions, as well as some bumper and some commercials.

Who owns a set-top box or TV with technology MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) can take advantage of the interactive features that are included in the channel's signal (interactive TV), called Italy Plus 1; for a brief period in the summer of 2006 Italy 1 Plus has aired in prime time on Italy 1 from 21 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, without advertising, Lost Universe, Visitors and the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

On 9 April 2009, with the Smallvilletelevision series, for the first time in the history of generalist channels Mediaset, an event is broadcast entirely in format 16: 9; the new format transmissions take place exclusively on digital terrestrial television. From 1 November of the same year are transmitted in 16: 9 even the advertising, promo and bumper of Mediaset. From 21 June 2011also passes to the 16: 9 format even the news of the net, Open Studio.

Satellite services cannot use original language functionality provided on the second audio track of DVB-t.

Italy 1 Plus[Edit]

Italy 1 Plus





Launch date





Italy 1 Plus is the interactive service of 1 Italy on digital terrestrial television. The service provides access to interactive applications news, weather reports, driving programs and games in Mhp standards.

In 2006 on 1 Plus Italy, during the summer there was an application that allowed the old vision of successful programs of young network Mediaset, as well as an anime series first-run movies.

Services currently airing[Edit]
Interactive version of Mediavideo analog with the latest, news, news from the world, the economy, sport, a section devoted to gossip and horoscopes. Weather
Interactive application together with a detailed weather map of Italy for the next 3 days and detailed forecasts for the next 24 hours. Tonight on TV
Useful application to know the primetime programming of Canale 5, Italy 1 and 4 Network. Citymat
Application where you can converse with the public administration via digital terrestrial. Interactive advertising

Available with Internet Applications[Edit]

Applications are only available by connecting the decoder to the digital terrestrial television or television to the internet and be a fixture with Gold Seal DGTVi.
Games Portal
Application with 4 games such as 6 Signs, Color Block, Finder and Invisible Trap. TGCom
Interactive version of TGCom with constantly updated news. SportMediaset
Sport news always up-to-date.
Applications no longer aired[Edit]

Between applications no longer aired were:
Cinema 1
It was an interactive application with the plot, cast and trivia about the film at the time aired on Italy 1. With certain films, was available the choice of original film audio. Italy Teen 1
Space dedicated to young world with news, trivia and the possibility to send SMS to your application and review them on Tv. Reverse Shot
Application all results of the day just ended. Interactive Open Studio
Interactive application with a screen divided into 4 Windows, where you could choose whether to display all open Studio or 3 of the most important services of the newscast.

Currently airing[Edit]

Cooked and eaten
Le iene

The Cube-the challenge

Information and analysis[Edit]
Open Studio
Open Studio Forecasts
TGcom24 and Weather
Confession reporter

Sporting events[Edit]
Telecom Italy (also airs on Italy 2)
Motogp (also airs on Italy 2)
Boxing Championships
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
America's Cup World Series (also airs on Italy 2)

Cartoons and anime[Edit]
Batman: the Brave and the Bold
Ben Ten: Alien Force
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z (What's my destiny Dragon Ball)
G.I. Joe: Renegades
Gormiti - L'Era dell'Eclissi Suprema
I pinguini di Madagascar
I Simpson
Le avventure di Piggley Winks
L'incantevole Creamy
Naruto: Shippūden
Pokémon - Oltre I Cieli Dell'Avventura (2Ş serie)
Spiderman Unlimited

Serie TV[modifica]
CSI: Scena del Crimine
CSI: New York
Person of Interest

Serie TV[modifica]

A casa di Fran
A scuola con filosofia
Acapulco H.E.A.T.
Adventure Inc.
Agli ordini papŕ
Alex, indagini su mondi segreti
All Stars
Ally McBeal
Arriva Cristina
Arrivano i Rossi
Balliamo e cantiamo con Licia
Bayside School
Beetleborgs: quando si scatena il vento dell'avventura
Beverly Hills 90210
Big Bang Theory
Bionic Woman
Blue Water High
Boston Public
Buffy l'ammazzavampiri
Camera Café
The Office (ep. 1)
Classe di ferro
Champs 12
Cop rock
Cory alla Casa Bianca
Cosě fan tutte
Cri Cri
CSI - Miami
CSI - New York
Dark Angel
Dawson's Creek
Degrassi Junior High
Déjŕ vu (serie televisiva)
Dharma & Greg
Dirty Sexy Money
Don Tonino
Dr. House - Medical Division
Drake e Josh
Due gemelle e una tata
How I Met Your Mother - Alla fine arriva mamma
Eli Stone
Falcon Beach
As long as there is firm there is hope
Wandering in the past
Daddy's friends
Gossip Girl
The eerie, Indiana
Big Tomorrow
Grey's Anatomy (season 1-7)
Hannah Montana
Happy Days
Dukes Of Hazzard
Helene and her friends
Highlander (TV series)
Wizards of Waverly place
3rd boys C
The mammo
Diff'rent Strokes
My friend Ultraman
Il mondo di Patty
The prisoner
Instant Star
Invisible Man
Joan of Arcadia
John Doe
Kingdom Hospital
Knight Rider
Kyle XY
The Incredible Hulk
The Bradford family
The Queen of swords
The odd couple
The nanny
According to Jim
Rules of engagement
Licia dolce Licia
Lizzie McGuire
Lois & Clark: the new adventures of Superman
Love Bugs
Love me Licia
Magnum P.I.
Make It or Break It-Young champions
Masked Rider: masked rider
Melrose Place
Mork and Mindy
Mortal Kombat: Conquest
Mowgli, the jungle book
Mr. Bean
My name is Earl
Mystic Knights: four horsemen in the legend
Ned's declassified school survival
Night Visions
No Ordinary Family
October Road
Eight under one roof
Pacific Blue
Party of five
Paso adelante
Phil of the future
Pippi Longstocking
Stronger guys
Point Pleasant
Power Rangers
Prima o poi divorzio!
Primi baci
Prison Break
Provaci ancora Gary
PSI Factor
Quattro tatuaggi per un super guerriero
Relic Hunter
Romanzo criminale - La serie
Rookie Blue
Royal Pains
Sabrina, Vita da Strega
Samantha chi?
Settimo cielo
$h*! My Dad Says
Simon & Simon
Six Feet Under
Sonny tra le stelle
Squadra emergenza
Starsky & Hutch
Still Standing
Street Hawk - Il falco della strada
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Summer Crush
Summer Dreams
Super Human Samurai
Super Vicki
Sweet Valley High
Teneramente Licia
Tequila e Bonetti
The Closer
The Mentalist
The Middle
The O.C.
The Shield
The Sleepover Club
The Vampire Diaries
The War at Home
Thunder in Paradise
Til Death - Per tutta la vita
Ti presento i miei
Tre nipoti e un maggiordomo
Troppo forte!
True Jackson,VP
Tru Calling
Tutto in famiglia
Ugly Betty
Un genio sul divano
Una bionda per papŕ
Una mamma per amica
Una pupa in libreria
Venerdě 13
Veronica Mars
Via Zanardi 33
Vicini di casa
VR Troopers
Walker Texas Ranger
White Collar
Will & Grace
Willy, principe di Bel Air
Xena - Principessa guerriera
Young Hercules
Zack e Cody al Grand Hotel
Zack e Cody sul ponte di comando
Zoey 101

Cartoons and anime[Edit]

20,000 leagues in space
Ace Ventura
Action Man
Action Man A.T.O.M. II Alpha Teens of Machines
On the edge of the universe
Akubi Girl
Saba Saba Saba o-o
Alice in Wonderland
Looking for the Rainbow Crystal
Looking for the Enchanted Valley
Ahoy Sandokan
The discovery of the Americas
Discovering Santa Claus
Fasten your seatbelts traveling makes perfect
Alvin rock'n roll
American Dad!
Angela Anaconda
Angelina Ballerina
Angel's Friends
Anne of Green Gables
Ann & Andy: two zany friends of patch
Anthony Ant
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
Archibald the koala
Here come the Superboys
Arrives Paddington
Listen to her heart always Remi
At school of spells-Ubos
All Goals
Baby Looney Tunes
Bad Dog a dog that dog there is
Bakugan-Battle Brawlers
Bakugan: Battle Brawlers-New Vestronia
Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Barney Bear
Batman, cavaliere della notte
Batman of the Future
Battle B-Daman
Belfy and littl ' bits
Belle e Sebastien
Benny and Ralph
Ben Ten
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Welcome Back Topo Gigio!
Welcome Princess Minky Momo
Beyblade G-Revolution
Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Beyblade V-Force
Snow White
Biker Mice from Mars
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon II
Bonjour Marianne
Bots Master
Bravo Moliere
Shivers and dust with Pelleossa
Bun Bun
Treasure hunt in Montana
Cadillacs and dinosaurs
Calendar Man
Candy Candy
Let's sing together
Carletto il principe dei mostri
Carnaby Street
Once upon a time...
Once upon a time ... the Earth
Once upon a time... Pascual
That babysitter this mummy
That samples Holly & Benji
That Dragon Dragon
That family is the Family
That magnificent camping
That Dad, Popeye!
Who makes the aspects (loosely based on the French comic "Iznogoud")
Who will find the bucket finds a treasure
Close your eyes and dream
Who Is traveling with me?
Chobin, stellar Prince
Hi I'm Michael
Hi, Sabrina
Five friends upside down
Col vento in poppa verso l'avventura
How great America!
Get to know a little bit-The great story of human adventure
Count Duckula
Cops: Anticrime Squad
What's in the swamp?
Christopher Columbus
Puppies seeking-fame-in the realm of Pocketville
Pizzica-Cupid Hearts
Browsing in the courtyards of the heart
D'Artagnan e i moschettieri del re
David Gnome friend of mine
Detective Conan
Diabolik-Track of the Panther
Dinosaur King
Dino Squad
We become famous
Remi, nobody's girl
Dora the Explorer
Doredň Doremě
Dr. Slump and Arale
Dragons and Drakes
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball-saga
Dragon Ball-the great battles
Two Dragons for a black belt
Emily of new moon
Emily & Alexander, what types these mice
Emma-A romantic story
It's small, it's Bionic is always Gadget
It's almost magic Johnny
Etciů! Oops, that sneeze!
Is a little magic to Terry and Maggie
Evelyn and the magic of a dream of love
Evviva Palm Town
Cheers Zorro!
Extreme Dinosaurs
Extreme Ghostbusters
Fancy Lala
Cotton flakes for Jeanie
Fl-eek Stravaganza
Flint the time detective
Foofur superstar
Forza campioni
Strawberry Shortcake
Franklin and friends
Gadget and the gadgetinis
Gaiking Legend of Daiku-Maryu-
Garfield and friends
Gatchaman Fighter
Gatchaman-Battle of the planets
Play adventure with Elliot Moose
The world turns Star Princess
Around the world in 79 days – Around the world in 79 days
Down your mask, Duke Philip
Gladiators Academy
Friends rescue
The gnomes of the mountains
The care bears
Gli Snorky
Gormiti-The Lords of nature Return
Gormiti-The Evolution Neorganic
Great little Magoo
Great men for big ideas
Grand Prix and the campionissimo
Grog di Magog
Gundam Wing
Hamtaro: small hamsters, big adventures
Dukes Of Hazzard
He-man and the Masters of the Universe
Hela Supergirl
Hello! Sandybell
Hello Spank
Hero Factory
Holly e Benji forever
Hot Wheels Acceleracers
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter-Greed Island
The cartoons of Hanna-Barbera
Dragon Knights
Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya-Hades Saga
Idaten Jump
The fantastic 4
The fantastic voyages of Floret
The sons of Flintstones
The Flintstones
The twins of destiny
Family Guy
The heart of Things
The fantastic world of Paul
Il gatto col cappello
Puss in boots
The great dream of Maya
Dexter's laboratory
The Book Heart
The jungle book
The long journey of Porfi
The wizard of Oz
Il mistero della pietra azzurra
The world of Benjamin Bear
The enchanted world of Pocket Dragon
The danger is my business
The Black Tulip
Thomas The Tank Engine
Roam down to a great trip
I mille colori dell'allegria
In that world you're Beetlejuice?
Investigations on all fours
Unsurpassed X-Men
The Smurfs
Iron Kid
Iron Man
The secrets of mysterious island
The Many Secrets Of A Loving Heart (Wedding Peach)
Gulliver's travels
Jacob two two
James Bond Junior
Steel Jeeg
Jenny tennis player
John & Solfami
Junior mordicchiosa plant
Juny Wolday invented everything
Justice League
Kidd Video
King Kong
Kipper-the most beautiful baby in the world
Kiss me Licia
Kolby and his little friends
Demetan croaker, the boy frog
Lady Lovely
Lady Oscar/a sword to Lady Oscar
La fabbrica dei mostri
The witch Chappy
La Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther)
L'ape Maia
The Blue-haired Princess
The team of the heart
There sui monti con Annette
Le avventure della Dolce Katy
The adventures of Felix the cat:
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The adventures of Jimmy Neutron
The adventures of Lupin III
The adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
The most beautiful fairy tales
Magical flying dancers
The new adventures of Lupin III
The new adventures of Pinocchio
The new adventures of Scooby-Doo
The voices of the Savannah
Let's & go-on wings of turbo
The Incredible Hulk
L'isola del corallo
The island of Little Flo
Treasure Island
Inspector Gadget
Lisa e Seya one heart for the same secret
Looney Tunes
The bear Mysha
Lovely Sara
The Blue Bird
Lucy May
Lulu, the angel among the flowers
Luna, Principessa Argentata
Lupin, the incorrigible Lupin
But that magic Doremě,
Mack, but Prince are you?
Maggie and the incredible Birba
Magica Doremě
Magica Magica Emi
Magician: justice is not a trick
Magic Sports 2
Oggy And The Cockroaches -Oggy & The Cockroaches
Maple Town, a nest of sympathy
Marco, from the Apennines to the Andes
Sea, Sun and ...Costa
Martina and the mysterious bells
Mary e il giardino dei misteri
Max Steel
Mega Babies
Memole dolce Memole
Mermaid Melody pichi pichi pitch
Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti-
Michel Vaillant: tute, caschi e speed
Mighty Max
Mila e Shiro due cuori nella pallavolo
Mila e Shiro-The dream continues
Thousand lights in the Woods
A thousand spells, Doremě
Mille note in allegria con la Mozart Band
Milly, one day after another
Milly, vampiro per gioco
Mimi and the national volleyball team
Mimi and girls volleyball
Mazinger Z
Mobile Suit Gundam
Moby Dick 5
Trump bone spring
Moominland, a world of Serenity
Mortadello and Meatball: the couple that breaks out
Monsters and Pirates
Monsters or monsters ... not all at school
Mostruosi Marziani
Mucha Lucha
Mummies Alive! -Four mummies on the subway
Muppet Babies
Mushiking: the guardian of the forest
My Little Pony Friendship is magic
My Melody Sogni di magia-
Nanŕ Supergirl
The wonderful world of gnomes
Neteb, Princess of the Nile
Don't worry, there's Alfred!
News from the front page
Cat's eye
Watch out for ghosts
One Piece-all Ahoy! (1-12)
Oscar and seven lost notes
Eighty Dreams to travel
Ball in the Middle for Rudy
Daddy Long Legs
Papyrus and the mysteries of the Nile
Crazy laughter to monsters and vampires
Brushstrokes of poetry for Madeline
Pepin, a tiny hero for a great legend
Your fishing Charter, Sakura
Peter e Isa: a love in the snow
Woody Woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker)
Small, bianca Sibert
Little Women
Small heart problems
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Little Prince
Pink Panther and Sons-sons of the Pink Panther
Pippi Longstocking
Goofy and Menelaus
Pirati si nasce
Pokémon Pokémon: The Johto Always Journeys (3rd series)
Pokémon (1st series)
Pokémon Advanced (6th series)
Pokémon Advanced Battle- (8th series)
Pokémon Advanced Challenge (7th series)
Pokémon: Battle Frontier (9th series)
Pokémon Chronicles (Gotta Catch'Em All!) (spinoff)
List Of Pokémon: Diamond And Pearl (10th series)
Pokémon Johto League Champions (4th series)
Pokémon: Master Quest (5th series)

Popeye (Popeye)
Power Stone
Get the world and go
Prince Valiant
Here Doggie paw
Four friends on a mission around the world
That strange farm
This cheerful youth
Rascal, my friend Teddy bear
King Arthur and the Knights of the round table
King Arthur, King Arthur
Rescue Heroes-Rescue Team
Rediscovering the Americas
Back to the future
Roba da gatti
Robin Hood
Robinson Bignč
Rome, a great empire
Thunder rumbles and skies of fire for Biocombat
Roswell Conspiracies
Rupert Bear
Ruy, il piccolo Cid
Ryo, a guy against an empire
Sabrina -The Animated Series
Sailor Moon Petals of Sailor Moon Sailor stars episodes (5th series)
Sailor Moon (1st series)
Sailor Moon, the moon shines (2nd series)
Sailor Moon & heart Crystal (3rd series)
Sailor Moon & the mystery of dreams (4th series)

Sakura, the game is not over
Salt and pepper
Sally the witch
Samson & Neon
Sandy of many colors
Savage dragon
Awaiting the life and adventure with Oliver barks
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Police Academy
Shaman King
Sherlock Holmes-investigations by the future
Shin Hakkenden
Save those who can! Arriva Dennis
We are made so-Exploring the human body
We are those of Beverly Hills
Sitting Ducks
Skeleton Warriors
Sonic X
Sophie e Vivianne: due sorelle e un'avventura
Smile, Anna
South Park (season 1-4)
Space Goofs-Vicini too close
Slices of heaven between smoke's whiskers
Spider Riders
Spies, missions and crocodiles: S.o.s. Croco
Sport Billy
Starla e le sette gemme del mistero
Stilly e lo specchio magico
Street Sharks: Four fins on the horizon
On the wings of Dragon Flyz
Super Mario
Many fairy tales in the drawer-the world of Beatrix Potter
Tartaruhe Ninja
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
Teen Titans
The Space Knight
Temi d'amore fra i banchi di scuola
Teo and Friends
Theodore and the invention is wrong
Tex Avery Show
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
The Ant and the Aardvark
The Batman
The Gary Coleman Show
The Inspector
The Jetsons
The Kwicky Koala Show
The Mask
The Owl
The Real Ghostbusters
The Scooby-Doo Show
The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs
The Tom & Jerry Show
Tiny Planets
Tiny Toons/I fabulous Tiny
Tiritere and twirls for two mice in the midst of the flowers
Ti voglio bene Denver
Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry Kids
Toot & Puddle
Totally Spies-That Wonderful Spies!
Between the waves of the Enchanted Lake
Transformers Animated
Transformers Cybertron
Transformers Generation VI
Transformers: Prime
Trollz Lore
Trucchi, magie and illusions for a Princess cake
Everyone in camp with Lots
All staged with Melody
All en route to Pandalandia
Fushigiboshi no futagohime
Ughetto cane perfetto
A class of kids for Jo
An enchanted forest for Katia e Carletto
A jungle of adventures to Kimba
A jungle of stars for Captain Simian
A hive of adventures for the honeybee Hutch
A miss Lonesome Ghosts
One for all, all for one
A door ajar on the edge of the Sun-Magic Knight Rayearth
A school for change
A little Mermaid in love
A little Mermaid among us
Un'Avventura Fantastica
A conspiracy between the waves of the sea
A staple for dreaming, a staple for change
A spell has opened up between the petals of the time (original title: "Slayers")
Parallel universes to Bucky O'Hare
A monster all to laugh
An ocean of adventure
One step after the other on the roads of Jesus
An enchanted Kingdom for Zelda
A magical Kingdom for Sally
A Newt for friend
A wagon for mysteries and a wave of trouble for Nick
A video game for Kevin
We travel with Benjamin
Vicky the Viking
Life at the zoo
Vita da streghe
Viva Pinata
Fly, my mini pony
Wacky Races
Walter Melon
Widget, an alien to a friend
Wonder Bevil
X-Men: Evolution
Yoghi, salsa and snacks
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 d's
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Corrector Yui
Zero in condotta
Zig & Sharko
Zip & Zap
Zorro Generation Z


Ok, the price is right! (with Balaji and then with Iva Zanicchi from 1983 to 1987, the year he went on Goal 4)
Hitchhiking (with Marco Columbro in summer 1984)
Help! (by Umberto Smaila, Franco Oppini Nini and from 1985 to 1986)
The pairs game (with Marco Predolin from 1985 to 1986 and then move on to 4 Network)
For the road (with da Marco Balestri)
Sarabande (with Enrico Papi from 1997 to 2006 to pass on Channel 5 in 2009)
Playing 9 (with Enrico Papi in 2004)
Il quizzone (with Amadeus, previously aired on Canale 5)
The wheel of Fortune (with Enrico Papi and Victoria Silvestedt from 2007 to 2009)
Sing and win (with Amadeus & Checco Zalone)
Mercante in fiera (with Pino Insegno and Ainette Stephens)
The color of money (with Enrico Papi and Raffaella Fico)
Take it or leave it (with Enrico Papi and Raffaella Fico)
CentoxCento (with Enrico Papi and Raffaella Fico)
Viva Las Vegas-take your game (with Enrico Papi)

Information and analysis[Edit]
Lucignolo (2003-2008)
Insider (2012)

Programs for kids[Edit]
Bim Bam Bum (aired from 1982 to 1990 and from 1997 to 2002. Then passed on Channel 5)
Hello Hello (aired from 1988 to 1990 and from 1991 to 2001. Previously aired on Rete 4)
Caffelatte (aired from the late 80 's. First aired on Canale 5)
Teen Toon Town (2000-2005)
Ziggie (2002-2005)
Topo Gigio show (aired in mid-2000)
Cartoon One (from 2005)

Native HD Programmes[Edit]

Batman Begins
UEFA Supercup
A song for you
The Dark Knight
Make It or Break It-Young champions
Ferris Bueller in New York
The game plan
Observe and Report
Cats & dogs-the revenge of Kitty
An undertaking by God
Champions League Special
Lemonade Mouth
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Corpse bride
Repo Men
Tata Matilda e il grande botto
The Incredible Hulk
New Moon
Remember Me
Bangkok Dangerous
Planet 51
Sherlock Holmes
Rumble in the Bronx
Mr. Bean's Holiday
This little big love
Golden Skate Awards
Despicable me
Back to the future
Cinderella and the 007 dwarfs
Hellboy: The Golden Army
Sammy's adventures

Principal conductors[Edit]

80 's[Edit]

Gerry Scotti
Ezio Greggio
Claudio Cecchetto
Gigi Sabani
Leonardo Pieraccioni
Licia Colň
Paolo Bonolis
Manuela Blanchard Beillard
Debora Magnaghi
Lorella Cuccarini
Gialappa's Band
Raimondo Vianello
Paola Perego
Patrizio Roversi
Syusy Blady
Teo Teocoli
Cristina Oatmeal
Gianfranco D'angelo
Mara Venier
Giorgio Mastrota
Davide Mengacci
Gabriella Golia
Andrea De Adamich
Gianfranco Funari
Enrico Beruschi
Gaspare and Zuzzurro
Athina Cenci
Franco Franchi
Ciccio Ingrassia
Edwige Fenech
Carmen Russo
Barbara Bouchet
Moana Pozzi
Ric e Gian
Maurizio Milani
Cesare Cadeo
Maurizio Mosca
Giuliano Ferrara

90 's[Edit]

Andrea De Adamich
Teo Mammucari
Gerry Scotti
Enrico Bertolino
Antonello Piroso
Enrico Papi
Claudio Lippi
Nicola Savino
Forest Mage
Paolo Bonolis
Michele Santoro
Raimondo Vianello
Gialappa's Band
Gabriella Golia
Marta Iacopini
Guido Cavalleri
Debora Magnaghi
Maurizio Milani
Simona Ventura
Charles Bags
Roberto Ceriotti
Charlotte Pisoni Brambilla
Marco Bellavia
Luke and Paul
Ambra Angiolini
Teo Teocoli
Antonella Elia
Emanuela Folliero
Cesare Cadeo
Alessia Marcuzzi
Daniele Bossari
Walter Nudo
Michelle Hunziker
Daniele Luttazzi
Amanda Lear
Marco Balestri
Emilio Fede
Paul Landry
Gene Gnocchi
Daria Bignardi
Giorgio Mastrota
Natasha Stefanenko
Gianni Fantoni
Simona Ventura
Eva Robin's
Andrea Pellizzari
Elenoire Casalegno
Fabio Volo
Samantha De Grenet
Filippa Lagerback
Maurizio Mosca
Alessia Merz
Peppe Quintal
Giuliano Ferrara
Federica Panicucci
Gianfranco Funari
Luca Laurenti
Paolo Hendel
Serena Dandini
Alberto Brandi
Corrado Guzzanti
Sandro Piccinini
Paul Landry

Years 2000[Edit]

Piero Chiambretti
Teo Mammucari
Enrico Papi
Daniele Bossari
Benedetta Parodi
Diego Abatantuono
Andrea De Adamich
Nicola Savino
Daria Bignardi
Alba Parietti
Gabriella Golia
Claudio Martelli
Forest Mage
Ilaria D'amico
Guido Meda
Enrico Ruggeri
Fabio Volo
Marcus Berry
Rossella Brescia
Paola Perego
Federica Panicucci
Claudio Martelli
Fabio Canino
Victoria Silvstedt
Paolo Hendel
Pino Insegno
Claudio Bisio
Beppe Braida
Alessia Marcuzzi
Luke and Paul
Ilary Blasi
Michelle Hunziker
Giulio Golia
Federica Panicucci
Ab Angelo
Raffaella Fico
Elisabetta Canalis
Gialappa's band
Fabio De Luigi
Vanessa Incontrada
Cristina Chiabotto
Simona Ventura
Mario Giordano
Checco Zalone
Andrea Pellizzari
Cristina Chiabotto
Maurizio Mosca
Luciana Littizzetto
Magda Gomes
Melita Toniolo

Years 2010[Edit]

Piero Chiambretti
Teo Mammucari
Enrico Papi
Paola Barale
Raz Degan
Marcus Berry
Francesca Cipriani
Benedetta Parodi
Daniele Bossari
Guido Meda
Nicola Savino
Fiammetta Stork
Forest Mage
Rossella Brescia
Sabrina Salerno
Elena Santarelli
Ilary Blasi
Luca Bizzarri
Paolo Kessisoglu
Alberto Brandi
Giulio Golia
Alessandro Gassman
Bridget Restivo
Luca Argentero
Juliana Moreira
Ab Angelo
Raffaella Fico
Vanessa Incontrada
Belen Rodriguez
Enrico Brignano
Paolo Ruffini
Jane Alexander
Andrea De Adamich
Melita Toniolo
Tessa Gelisio
Tonino Accolla
Claudio Amendola
Pippo Baudo
Niccolň Torielli
Cristina Oatmeal
Antonio Casanova


Chronological sequence of modifications to the logo of Italy 1 during normal programming[5] :
1982-September 1989: the logo was and is a lozenge from quarry edges with a 1 and an inscription ITALY in top left side, everything white. The UNITED STATES, certain graphics, was eliminated.
From September 1989: ITALY written was permanently removed from the logo.
By the end of 1996: below the logo, there is the inscription MEDIASET.
25 October 1999-18 June 2000:1 was stripped of the surface and the logo was slightly swollen.
From June 19 2000 until 5 June 2003: the logo and the inscription MEDIASET are transparent. The1 full back, but the logo is slightly shrunken.
By 6 June 2003: the logo becomes larger.

1982 - September 1989

September 1989 -present *

* This logo is being used for some graphics since 1984.

1982: yellow
1982-1999: white/blue
Since 1999: transparent white

Logos for the first vision[Edit]
From 6 January 1992 to 5 April 1998: In the upper right corner of the white logo of Italy, there was a 1 in and before the logo was written TV. Both inscriptions were colored red.
From 6 April 1998 to 12 September 1999: white logo on the left of Italy 1, there was a white BEFORE.
From 13 September 1999: to the right of the logo there is a window. Until 2000 the was cable 1.
19 June 2000: the logo and the pane that contains the to are identical to those of 1999, but become transparent.
By may 2002: The pane that contains the to is shrunk, to become more transparent and is not black as in the logo of 1999, likewise the two heights of the pane become less visible. In 16: 9, opened in 2009, however, the logo is based on the original.
By may 2012: even in version 4: 3 the structure of the first vision logo, from the outline of the shape 1 1 itself, is identical to that of the normal logo.

Special Logos[Edit]
Mai dire TV: During the program (1991-1993) the logo (slightly different from the original), was moved to every corner of the screen.
Talk Radio: During the broadcast of the television program Talk Radio, on air since 1994, inserts a special logo characterized by enlarged logo and classic blue with red earphones. During the airing of the logo has the word like that.
DeeJay Television: From 1984 to 1989, the logo has changed several times: the logo was seen with 1 cable, or full, yellow, or blue. The position could be either in the lower right corner as usual or at the top right, style "MTV".
On 3 January 2002, Italy 1, to celebrate the 20 years of its programming, the replication of its historical programs, interviewing even the conductors. Just for the occasion, the color of its logo becomes blue, and insted of MEDIASET statement shows you are born who was born 1 Italy.
In quizzes and in some sports the logo without the word "MEDIASET".
In some the MEDIASET quiz is removed and the logo is worn on the upper left.
On 16 and 17 March 2011 to celebrate 150 years of the unification of Italy, under the inscription MEDIASET introduces a subtle tricolor flag.
While watching some sports the logo moves to the top right, as also happens on 2 Italy.

Faces of the network[Edit]

In the past Italy 1 had its announcers. As mentioned, the historic face of the network announcing programs was Gabriella Golia which has held that role for two decades from 1982 to 2002 (the Goliath was also announcer North Antenna). Network announcers were also Veronica Ghinzani from 1982 to 1984, Manuela Blanchard Beillard in the early 1980s, Fiorella Pierobon from 1982 to 1984 (later became the official announcer of Channel 5), Licia Colň from 1982 to 1985. In 2002 Italy 1 eliminated the figure of Miss good evening (the same thing happened to Channel 5 in December 2004).

Historic voice of Italy 1 promo is that of voice actor Fabrizio Casadio, who continued to announce the promo until October 1999.

1.^ Only in Sardinia on Mediaset 6 multiplex
2.^ Born 1 HD Italy: from today on channel digital terrestrial 506 (mux 2 MDS). Digital-Sat, August 28, 2012.URL accessed on August 28, 2012.
3.^ Champions League: Chelsea-Juventus (direct Canale5, Mediaset, Sky HD, Premium). Digital-Sat, September 19, 2012.URL accessed on September 19, 2012.
4.^ Freeview-area of Bologna and province-Multiplex (Mux) List/canali receivable
5.^ logo restyling ITALY 1 vannux. spaces.

Related entries[Edit]
6 as 6
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